Kurdistan, Northern


Kurdistan, Eastern

West Azerbaijan Province, Kurdistan Province, Kermanshah Province, Ilam Province and Hamadan Province

Kurdistan, Southern

Kirkuk, Erbil, Halabja, Duhok, Mosul and Sulaymaniyah

Kurdistan, Western

Al-Hasakah, Qamishli, Tell Tamer, Kobanî and Afrin

Who Are The Kurds?

Kurdish People suffering from all kind of abuses, injustice and racial discrimination and genocide by hands of some Nationalities and religions.
All the World know our enemies, but our enemies do not know the humanity and peaceful living.
By the name of our Great Country 'KURDISTAN', our soil and greatness Kurdish Nation, through this webpage to make more beautiful and peaceful mirror to all Kurdish Nation, our abilities, our organizations, and greatness of Kurdish persons from all the world.
'Kurdistan, with you we live, and die for you'
Our goal, to show to all the world our abilities by our finance and knowledge. By help of our friends and Unify our goals from each individual of us, the all world will see our facilities, factories, company, universities, cultures, scientists, organizations, and our Land Beauty, even small business and handicraft, shops around the world.
By our Economy we will fight our enemies, and control the Power in our hand.