Chrani Company Claimed


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About Chrani Company:

Chrani Company for General Trading started trading business in 1997. And registered as Chrani Company in Kurdistan region in Ministry of Trade in 2002.

Several years after, Chrani Company was able to expand the characteristic of the company to include Commercial Agencies and to be CHRANI COMPANY FOR GENERAL TRADING AND COMMERCIAL AGENCIES.

Through years of serving customers with perfect after sales services and by providing top brands products and top quality with competitive prices CHRANI COMPANY was able to build perfect reputation in Iraq market and also expanded the distribution network to cover almost all Iraq.

Distribution Network:

The company have best distribution network that covers almost all Iraq regions starting from far north (Zakho) to far south (Basrah). This network include the company branches (own showrooms) in many cities and also dealers, and each of these distributors and dealers have another network to distribute the company goods in their cities widely.

Company Brands:

Chrani Company was able to gain big brands distribution authority such as HITACHI (only semi automatic washing machines), SANYO and CONCORD. And through various marketing activities and well-studied selling strategy, the company was able to make these brands sales as NO.1 in Iraq especially for HITACHI and CONCORD.

Except these brands, the company has its own brand for gas cookers which is “Best Gas” and has agreements with two factories in Jordan and China to produce this product under OEM term.

Recently CHRANI COMPANY started its new brand “CHRANI” and producing most home appliances products under this new brand.

Head Office:

The management of the company for all brands and mentioned activities centralize mainly in head office in Duhok with a staff of about 25 persons. The company also has staff in each company branch which totally crosses 50 persons.

The managing director of the company is the owner of Chrani Company “Mr. Saeed Chrani”.


CHRANI Company has the best advertising activities in all Medias and newspapers and magazines and yellow pages and billboards everywhere and CHRANI company considered as one of well-known companies in Iraq for advertising activities.