Kurdistan organization of Animal Rights Protection (KOARP) Claimed

Kurdistan organization of Animal Rights Protection (KOARP)

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Is a professional, volunteer, non government, independent, subsiary, organization interested in animal right protection.

Its main goal is to protect animal rights and help neglected , cessation of being , vanished animals by providing a veterinary care for nothing and aid in emergencies and pasturing all kinds of animals especially neglected dogs and cats in street and roads in one specific place and by scientific ways for away from beating ,punishing ,fear ,hunger, hurting and on the other hand ,protecting people and environment of the fears of their dirt or diseases .

Raising awareness of animal welfare amongst owners of animals and school children, and protect wild animals, improve their welfare and protect their environment.

1- Protecting animal from bad treatment which they daily meet by human that make their life in danger, worried and terrible conditions.

2- Developing and raising life kind of animal in Kurdistan by ways of educating people and creating a modern view which suits with animal case and forming some hard rules against people hurting or punishing animal.

3- Trying to ablate street animals and possibly abolish their killing and injuring.

4-Avoid increasing unnecessarily their number and find suitable shelters for them and pasturing them with a veterinary care until one came to look after them.

5- Using program such as spay and neutering in order to limit their number to avoid their causing ills or being badly treated.

6-We stand against those who continue punishing animals specifically invalid races, for instance like dog fighting, turkey fighting, or those people who destroy environment and animals by using explosive or bomb or poison to hunt them.

7- Providing veterinary services to people in villages and towns especially families with limited income who could not provide medicine and vaccine.

8- Helping and working with ministry of education and helping it to create new programs of education that interest and protect animal rights and inform next generations of animal rights.

9- Protecting wild animals and rescue them from death, and developing their survival conditions in order to keep Kurdistan environment, going on as a natural resource ministry of environment’s enhancement.

10- Learning people and publishing the belief that animals feel pain and grievance. However, this step should start from nursery and elementary schools.

11-Protecting and interesting about economical sources in Kurdistan especially animal resource (like farm animals, pets, horses, wild animals, fish, bees, dogs and cats).

12-Developing and improving these domestic dogs and cats, and later that mixing them with universal species that come from abroad, so that some good quality species can be created that will be economically be a good income for Kurdistan.


Kurdistan organization of Animal Rights Protection (KOARP) it’s a first and single organization during Iraqi and Kurdistan region history working in animals rights field according to the authority of ministerial directive of ministry of interior of Kurdistan Regional Government number 7213 0n 24.05.2009.

The organization work in 6 fields:

1- Veterinary Services: providing veterinary service to stray, abandoned, homeless and infected animals by volunteer’s veterinarians, we are working to approve two free veterinary Mobil clinics in future.

2- Working with members of parliament to approve a law protecting the animal’s rights.

3-Educational Program; we publish children’s education through newspaper, magazine, radio and television specially Kindergarten, nursery and primary school

4- Wildlife Protection: We are working to educate people on not hunting through lecturing seminars, symposium and posters on space on hunting wild animals.

5- Shelters: getting plots about 2500 meters space to build a shelter and sanctuary to haven stray, abandoned, homeless and neglected animals.

6- Monitoring and supervising how treatments and mercy to surgical and laboratory animals in Veterinary Medicine College, Science College and animal zoo and by giving advices.

7- Publishing a book on how to raise, care and supervise of domestic animals (dogs and cats).