MAF Factory Claimed

Metal Pipes and Sections in MAF Factory

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  • MAF Factory for producing metal pipes and sections has been established in accordance with the investment law in Kurdistan Region – Iraq and according to the license No. (216) issued on 15/11/2009 on the land with an area of 30,000 square meters in the province of Dohuk – Sumail district – Industrial area in Qwashee.
  • The Factory is considered as a developed factory in Iraq and Kurdistan Region in producing pipes of all sizes and types which are used in different fields such as: Agricultural Field Environmental – Home uses
  • Industrial  and other fields.
  • The manufacturing process in the Factory depends on expertise and experiences of a number of technicians and specialists from both national and international staff, using the most advanced machinery and modern appliances at all stages of production, depending on the raw materials (crude) of high quality,which are produced in well known international plants.
  • In a short period of time,a private market  for MAF Factory  has been founded in all governorates of Iraq, with a special name and a distinct of metal pipes and sections in Iraq, and our products have gained a good reputation among customers and the demand for them is growing day by day, and that because of good quality and suitable prices.
  • The Factory participated with its products in several exhibitions including the International Sulaymaniyah Exhibitionin (2012) and the Exhibition Centre (CDC) at the University of Dohuk for the years (2013) and (2015) and the Factory had  received several certificates and written acknowledgments such as ISO certificate for measurement and quality control, and a certificate ofappreciation from the University of Dohuk and aletter of acknowledgement of the technical Institute in Dohuk.
  • MAF Factory is a private sector plants and contributes in supporting the industrial sector and the national economy in many ways.
  • We always seek to build mutual trust with our customers and a commitment to accurately deliver the product to the esteemed customers dates.
  • Our ambitions are striving for continuous development of the accuracy of the output size, high efficiency and good reputation and satisfaction among our customers.