Miran Group Claimed

Shaping Our Community's Life Style, and Contributing with the future's Development

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Starting operations in 1991, Miran group has grown into one of the top construction and trading companies in the region. Miran group has been in continuous growth since 1991, branching into new areas of the market and commercial work. At Miran group we have a commitment to excellence, integrity, and community. We believe these values are what pushes a company forward. By sticking to our core values, Miran Group is able to be prosperous and effective in how we work, creating a solidified organisational culture.Committing to excellence is an integral part working effectively and meeting deadlines within our contracts. In a highly demanding market, committing to providing an excellent end result is what puts Miran group above other companies.Working honestly and sticking to our principles and morals are essential for the industries we are involved in, whether it be general trading or construction. Having integrity allows us to make accurate predictions, honest timelines and we strive to stick to the boundaries we set for ourselves.Not only are we a community of businesses within Miran Group, we are also a community loving business. We strive to interact and communicate with our community, we are also involved in charity and providing services to are community funded by us. From hospitals to mosques, we believe in looking after our community.