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FIROTIN E-MALL platform available on multi devices with many options, for both customers and sellers. Firotin Smartphone Devices Applications very easy to use to register and start buying and selling as a professional customers.
By using Firotin smartphone app you will enter the real professional electronic trading world, as like as Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express.
Firotin E-MALL providing many options of payment and collect money, by PayPal, Stripe, FastPay, and Cash on Delivery.


Kurd Guide is the local and international business guide, presenting by Kurdistan Page LLC as a professional service for Kurdish People around the world.
If you have a profession, business, organization .. etc, and need to be categorized internationally, Kurd Guide is the best option with many features, business plans, and even FREE plan, even when your paid plan expired, it will change to Free plan and continue in public with many features.

Menu Qr.

Proudly we represent MENU.KRD as the first full feature ” On Table, Takeaway and Delivery ” menu maker, for restaurants, hotels, cafe shops, and any services providing their customers a menu.
Very simple solution, low cost, and fast making menu, with 2 minutes you will publish a full features menu, and easy create a Qr. to print or/and share with your customers.
Extra features On Table payment, Takeaway, and Delivery, and unlimited Qr. scanning, also your customers can customize their order and add notes to your kitchen system with out to ask anyone.
Menu.KRD Qr. contactless menu with all your control, add, edit, and delete solution in your hand with you smartphone.

ePay KRD Network

ePay.krd is the first digital online store for purchasing digital products, which include large varieties of recharge, online shopping, and games cards.

Kurd Wallet

Kurd Wallet is the first of its kind for digital currencies trading supporting by KurdCoin, which is launched Nov 2020.
It is offering many features like ” trading with all currencies trusted line assets like USD, EURO, IQD, TRL, SP, and some up coming new features.
Money transfer with high level of security and fair commission.
High level applications security and available on Android and Apple IOS devices.


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Kurdistan Page LLC. is a company registered in United States of America, for Website, WebApp, and Smartphone applications developing and designing.
Founded in Oct, 2018, under the domestic laws of United Stated of America, in Delware State.

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