How to use KurdWallet?

What is KurdWallet?

Kurd Wallet is the first of its kind for digital multi currencies trading supporting by International KurdCoin Network, which is launched Nov 2020. By using KurdWallet instantly unlock many features of  currencies trading, staking and investment within shares.
The feature of saving ” staking ” on US and IQD with annual interest from 4% – 6% which will be weekly snap the account with saving, also offering long term for ( 3 years ) investing by buying FIROTIN.KRD share with daily snap and annually profit distribution of 8%.

New release of KurdCoin StakingKRDs” with fix profit 6% APY, with direct monthly distribution over the wallets.

Create KurdWallet Account

1- Select “Add account”.

2- Select “Create Account”.

3- Click “Create Account” button. Your account is now ready. Enter “Password” with confirming password.


We cannot recover your password! So please make sure you can remember it.

4- Click on Done and save the ” Secret Key


Now copy the Secret Key in save place, Not loss it never (this key can’t be RECOVERED ever)

5- Congratulation the Wallet was created

Must activate the wallet with minimum amount of KRD

1- Click on the setting icon, then click on Assets & Balance

2- Click on Add Assets to Your Account and then find KRD

KurdWallet is Ready

At this point, Your account and Wallet was created on KurdCoin Blockchain. Then you need to use KurdWallet.

5.A – Receiving the KRD, this screen showing your General Key which in Unique overall blockchains, that you will receive the KRD.


Also, you can even share your general key or the Qr.

5.B – Send the KRD, this screen showing you 3 fields

  1. Destination address, which is that address General Key that you want to send KRD.
  2. Amount of KRD that you want to send.
  3. Memo, which is Optional and Public (Be careful don’t write any details)


Just to Know, all transactions will show over the blockchains as Public, the Send address, Amount, and Memo.

How do I buy KRD?

KurdCoin (KRD) now available to buy on Stellar Blockchain as KRDs Unique Crypto Currency registered, with the Total supply:10,999,743 with more than +9000 transactions done on Stellar Blockchain by Smart Contract, for more details click on this link KurdCoin on Stellar Blockchain

Download KurdWallet Application

KurdWallet application is available for all platforms. Visit KurdWallet website