Design QR Digital Menu

Innovative Solutions To Create Self Design QR Digital Menu

You can create your own menu with self design QR Code. Also multiple QR template makes it better. Create your menu, Design QR & Download and Getting Live.

Smartphone friendly

Call on Table

Kitchen Monitor

Proudly we represent MENU.KRD as the first full feature ” On Table, Takeaway and Delivery ” menu maker, for restaurants, hotels, cafe shops, and any services providing their customers a menu.
Very simple solution, low cost, and fast making menu, with 2 minutes you will publish a full features menu, and easy create a Qr. to print or/and share with your customers.
Extra features On Table payment, Takeaway, and Delivery, and unlimited Qr. scanning, also your customers can customize their order and add notes to your kitchen system with out to ask anyone.

Menu.KRD Qr. contactless menu with all your control, add, edit, and delete solution in your hand with you smartphone. Kitchen monitor to take order from table directly to kitchen.